shock wave therapy

Shockwave Therapy – RejuvErect

What is RejuvErect™?

The RejuvErect™ provides an alternate solution to commonly used pills, injections, and pumps to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). RejuvErect™ is a unique, non-surgical procedure performed with an FDA  approved device, which uses low intensity sound waves, also known as low energy shockwave therapyto increase blood flow to the penis and restore natural, spontaneous erections naturally! 


The majority of all ED cases are attributable to diminished blood flow. The penis requires healthy blood flow to become completely erect, and even a marginal reduction in this can result in inability to achieve or sustain an erection. RejuvErect™ helps with the removal of a microscopic plaque, which prevents blood flow, and provides cellular growth factors back to the penis. A natural, non-surgical approach to erectile rejuvenation!


Although this type of shock wave therapy has been widely used for patients with heart issues, kidney stones, joint inflammation, and pain management; researchers have found enlightening results for patients struggling with erectile dysfunction.Many men have found that their erections have improved, and they are able to have intercourse again.

Clinical Research on Shockwave Therapy can be found here!

shock wave therapy

Reasons for RejuvErect™

  • Achieving an erection is difficult (occurs 1 in 4 times when attempting intercourse)
  • Erections are weaker or less rigid
  • Maintaining an erection requires conscious effort
  • Morning erections are less frequent
  • Erection after stimulation takes longer
  • Longer intervals between erections
  • Other ED solutions will not work for you
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