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 Striving to help you achieve your PEAK performance.

Our patients are excited to learn more About Summit and what our medical practice can do to better their sex lives. The Summit Male Medical Center is devoted to the needs of men facing:

While the subject matter is sensitive, we have been providing patients with a chance to regain their sex lives. The appointment is discrete, subject-sensitive, and if we can’t help you on your first visit, ITS FREE!


The Men’s Health Experts

We are focused on treating men that are looking for a personalized treatment. We treat men of all ages. From youth to elderly, if you’re sexual health is on the decline, come learn about Summit and our variety of solutions. Many have tried other ED resources such as oral medications (Viagra®, Cialis®, Levitra®) without success. At Summit, we have custom-tailored options that we guarantee to work with a 98% success rate. Our patients range in age from 20 to 93. They visit us with a wide variety of medical conditions and concerns. Because of our long history of success treating men, our customer care sets apart from the others. We are committed to meeting your specific needs, and finding solutions that allow you lead a more full and enriched life.

We pride ourselves on excelling in patient care and providing results that a general practitioner may not be able to offer. Our licensed medical staff has been treating patients ED and PE for over 10 years. We understand your needs, and help provide you with solutions to a common and treatable conditions.

We provide a dignified, professional service to every patient who walks in our clinic. Our staff includes doctors who specialize in treating these conditions and male counselors standing by to meet any patient needs patients. We treat patients with pre-existing conditions such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Prostate problems
  • High blood pressure
  • and many other conditions that may be at the root cause of cause Erectile Dysfunction.

The Team

We pride ourselves on providing results that a general practicioner may be able to offer.

Sergio Melendez - Medical Assistant & Counselor

Sergio Melendez

Medical Assistant & Counselor

Stan Trogani - Clinical Director

Stan Trogani

Clinical Director

Dave Nash - Director of Marketing

Dave Nash

Director of Marketing

Shawn Brockway - Manager & HCG Counselor

Shawn Brockway

Manager & HCG Counselor

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Please allow 24 business hours to hear back about an appointment.
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