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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Peoria, Arizona

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

If you’ve had enough of living with ED, our cutting edge solutions can be the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment you need! We also provide professional services in Low-T, or any other men’s health related issues. It’s time to contact Summit Male Medical Center. As the leading men’s health experts in Arizona, we’ve helped men, just like you, achieve peak sexual performance. Call us today to schedule your appointment and get your sex life back on track.

Erectile Dysfunction Definition and Symptoms

The term erectile dysfunction describes a medical condition in which men have trouble getting or maintaining an erection. Millions of men across the United States are dealing with some form of ED. However, for treatment to be effective, your physician needs to understand the underlying causes.

In some cases, ED is a temporary condition brought on by high levels of stress or anxiety at work or at home. Other patients suffer from ED as a result of other underlying issues such as heart disease, diabetes or a number of other conditions.

At Summit Male Medical Center, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a physician who specializes in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. An in-depth evaluation and accurate diagnosis will ensure your ED symptoms are treated appropriately and effectively.

We provide a thorough physical evaluation and take a detailed medical history. Our specialized diagnostic equipment will accurately evaluate your blood flow and determine the right treatment course.

How is ED Treated?

Treatments are most effective when tailored to the individual patient and based on a thorough understanding of the patient’s health and underlying conditions. Whether the treatment involves medication or an alternative solution, Summit Male Medical will help you achieve maximum reproductive health.

Low Testosterone

When men who are otherwise healthy suddenly experience the symptoms of ED or a lower sex drive, it could be the result of low testosterone, or LowT. All men experience a drop in testosterone levels as they age, but sometimes the onset of a sharp decline can have a drastic impact on sexual performance. Contact Summit Male Medical Center today if you experience the symptoms of LowT.
• Diminished sex drive
• Increased fatigue
• Diminished sexual performance

Premature Ejaculation

This frustrating condition impacts millions of men. The term premature ejaculation is used to describe a condition that causes men to climax too soon, leaving them unable to control their ejaculation.
This condition can have a devastating impact on your self-esteem and sex life. You don’t have to live with the impacts of premature ejaculation.

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Our talented physicians and staff will diagnose the underlying causes of your ED symptoms and come up with a treatment option that drastically improve your sexual health. We understand the sensitive subject matter and work diligently to get your sexual health back to its peak potential!

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